On our way back we stopped in Cranbrook at Kootenay Roasting Co. We heard they were top rated in Cranbrook, so we decided to check them out. They are a coffee roaster that has been around since 1999.


The Interior

My first impression of this place when I walked in was that it needed some sort of makeover. The interior looks tired, old, and run down.

On the left there is shelves full of coffee (and I mean a lot of coffee) and on the right there was a bunch of seating.

The main counter was long and had a ton of options for snacks and a bunch of different kinds of beverages to choose from. To me the menu was almost too big.


The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.24 and it was made with their 3 bean blend containing Brazilian, Sumatra, and Guatemalan. It was called Kootenay Gold Rush. I found the coffee actually very strong. Just bitter strong coffee. Sorry but I really didn’t enjoy this one. For a place that I had heard lots about and what great coffee they serve, this was not good.

My wife ordered a London Fog for $3.52 and it was made with Twinning’s Tea which was really disappointing. She really wished coffee shops would offer a better selection of tea choices.

My daughter ordered a Raspberry Steamer for $2.86 and it had so much foam. It had really good flavour, but she wished it was hotter. A good portion of the drink was a foamy glob, really unappetizing.

Overall the drinks were less than drinkable. Maybe we caught this place on a bad day.

The Food

We ordered a couple Cinnamon Buns each were $2.86. How can you go wrong with a cinnamon bun? They managed to, they were not so gooey and they were very dry. They were from Fort Steele Bakery, I really hope their other baked goods are better. Maybe they were old, because if this was fresh, they were terrible. We asked to have them warmed up, we were told to do it ourselves over at the microwave.

Fort Steel Bakery, these guys are making your products look really bad.


The Service

The young lady at the counter was very friendly. The guy doing the roasting was not that pleasant. I walked over and introduced myself and tried to ask a few questions and I basically got we roast every day, about 400 lbs a day. Not sure if the guy was having a bad day, but he certainly shouldn’t be a spokesman for this place.


The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Sunday – Closed



There was a bunch of street parking located on either side of the street. The parking was also free which a bonus.


Last Words

We always pride ourselves on finding some positives when we visit places, sorry I have nothing positive to say about this place. Based on the quality of the drinks and some of the staff members, I can honestly say that we would never go back there.

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