Hey everyone, it’s Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter and I am in Toronto for a wedding and I thought I would check out a little coffee shop in Port Hope. This is the little town were IT was filmed and I had to check out this town no matter what. I was so excited to arrive in town and find the local coffee shop.


The Interior

It was a really small location attached to a store selling a bunch of hodgepodge items. There was only one guy working and it was busy when I arrived, so I hope that it was going to be good.

There was a couple tables where you could sit, but it was so hot in there, that I don’t think I could fully enjoy my drink while being really hot in there.


The Drink

I ordered a latte for $5.00 and I found it really pricey for what I got. It was really watered down and could not taste the coffee at all, plus it was extremely hot. The gentleman that was making the drinks unfortunately couldn’t even tell me what kind they were serving. Quite disappointing.


The Service

Service was just ok. They were selling a bunch of ice cream and I would keep to ice cream since that was what was heading out of the shop more than coffee.


The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday – 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Sunday – Closed



There was parking located all along the street and it was free.


Last Words

The guy working there was not the friendliest and he was abrupt and not easy to talk to. I was so looking forward to going and checking this place out and it was a complete disappointment.

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