We had a Friday off and decided to try to head downtown to try Hoopla Donuts. They are located in the Canada Place building. They have a very nice location on the second floor. We also found out that Hoopla Donuts is owned by Phil and Sebastian Coffee.


The Interior

Since they are located in a professional building they have a corner lot with amazing colors all over. They have a bunch of tables inside their shop and a couple around the exterior. When we arrived it was quite busy and a lot of people were having donuts as well as grabbing boxes to go.


The Donuts

The Donuts are $2.95 a piece, $16.75 for a half dozen, and $29.95 for a full dozen. To me the cost is a bit high.

I ordered the Sweet Potato Marshmallow which had marshmallow fluff inside and it was really good. It was also glazed with brown sugar and topped with candied sweet potato.

My wife ordered the London Fog which had earl grey tea glaze, bergamot and tea infused whipped cream and tea flowers topping the donut. It was really delicious.

My daughter ordered the Cookies and Cream donut which had a vanilla glaze and chunks of Oreo all over the top. It tasted really delicious.

When we left we also ordered a half dozen to go, but we did find out that you have to eat them the same day or they turn hard and gross so we didn’t get to enjoy as many as we had hoped.

They also have a large selection of Vegan and Gluten Free options.


The Service

The girl working there was very friendly and was able to let us know all their top sellers. Unfortunately we didn’t try any of the top sellers that day.


The Hours

Calgary Place

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed


Stephen Ave Weekday Pop-Up

Monday to Friday – 7:30AM – 4:00PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed


Sun Life Plaza Weekday Pop-Up

Monday to Friday – 7:30AM – 2:30PM

Saturday and Sunday – Closed



There is only street parking located around the building and since it is Downtown Calgary, you will be paying for parking no matter where you park.


Last Words

I can see us heading back down there and maybe grabbing some to go so that we can enjoy them at home. Plus my son is Vegan and he would be able to have a bunch of their donuts that they have. If you want to try something new I would try one of their donuts if you find yourself downtown on a weekday.

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