Today is the event we have been waiting for the Breakfast, Beers and Brunch. It is featuring Devil’s Head Coffee which has been infused with one of Born Colorado Brewing’s beers to create the Ghost Beer.

The Interior

When we first arrived it was very, very busy, we were waiting until they opened at ten but when we walked in the place was already starting to fill up. It is not a very big place,  there is six family style tables that a bunch of people were sharing. It is nice to see that so many people share the seats and enjoy talking to each other. The kitchen is wide open on the one side and you can watch them making the food and at the back they have a small bar that Chris, from Devil’s Head, was making espresso shots featuring The Ghost Espresso. It was nice to see everyone trying the coffee and ordering food and then taking a seat to enjoy their purchases.

The Drinks

Extreme Coffee Freak was the designated eater and driver so I choose to sample the espresso featuring Ghost from Devil’s Head today, the rest of this part is up to my wife and daughter.

We ordered a flight with the four different coffee beers they were sampling. For a flight it is $8 and for a glass it is $4.

Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery – Mocha Stout

We found this to have the most coffee and chocolate tones among all the beers, my daughter said she could really taste the coffee and it was really strong, almost too strong for her liking.

Banded Peak Brewery – Javalanche Stout

We taste the coffee flavouring a little after consumption, there is not as much coffee flavour while drinking it.

Eighty-Eight Brewing – Vietnamese Coffee Stout

We found it to be the strongest coffee flavour among the four and it was the favourite among a couple that we talked to.

Born Colorado Brewing – The Ghost Coffee Imperial Porter

We taste a subtle taste of beer but it is really smooth. There is a taste of coffee when you allow the beer to sit on your palate for a couple seconds.

My daughters list from favourite to least is as follows; Banded Peak Brewing, Born Colorado Brewing, Eight-Eight Brewing, and Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery.

My wife’s list from favourite to least is as follows; Born Colorado Brewing, Eighty-Eight Brewing, Banded Peak Brewery, and Paddy’s BBQ and Brewery.

The Food

Today they were featuring two different brunch menu items, the Maple Bacon French Toast and a Brisket Benny each is served with homestyle potatoes, baked beans, breakfast sausage, fried green tomatoes and fruit. As a bonus you also get a coffee, which is always a bonus.

Both my wife and I ordered the Brisket Benny for $12.00 and it was absolutely amazing. The brisket was fall apart and fantastic. Paired with the other fixings on the plate was absolutely amazing. The sausage was smoked and delicious, the fried green tomatoes didn’t need any additional seasoning.

My daughter ordered the Maple Bacon French Toast for $12.00 ad it was absolutely amazing. The maple bacon was such a great addition to the french toast. The beans were a little strange because they were hard, but maybe that is how they are supposed to be, the flavours were really delicious though.


The employees were very friendly and accommodating. Unfortunately we did have to wait a little for our food, but not complaining because it was really really busy. We had the opportunity to talk to the owners Dad about the business. We also were able to talk to the crew from Devi’s Head about the beer and their espresso they were serving today.


Monday – Closed

Tuesday to Saturday – 11:00AM – 9:00PM

Sunday – 11:00AM – 8:00PM


Extremely limited, they are on a cul-de-sac and don’t have a ton of parking. When you drive in be careful of the rabbits that are lurking around the business next door.

Final Thoughts

We would definitely be interested in coming back to try some of their other menu items and some of their beer which is extremely well priced. I am looking forward to ordering a full plate of meats and leaving with a meat coma.

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