We found out that Connie DeSouza had opened a new restaurant called Chix Eggshop. It is a fast pace diner located in the Alt Hotel in East Village. It is a block away from one of her other restaurants, Charbar. We were really excited about trying this new adventure.


The Interior

It is a surprisingly small location with only fifteen tables and it was very busy when we arrived. The counter is right when you walk in and then to the right it is all tables. Once you walk in, you order your food at the counter, they give you a number and you go sit and wait for your food and drinks.

Where we were sitting you could see right into the kitchen and you can see that they move the food through pretty quickly. Our food came out quickly and it was hot. Got to love that!!!

All around the seating there was family pictures along the one wall. On the other wall there was more of a decorated wall feel.


The Drinks

My daughter and I ordered Latte’s for $5.50 and they used featuring Devil’s Head Coffee. They are a local roaster here in Calgary. The day we were there, they were serving a Peruvian coffee that I had never had. Chix Eggshop’s resident roaster is Phil and Sebastian’s which is another Calgary local roaster.

They were delicious. We were very happy to see they were using a local coffee roaster from here in Calgary.

My wife ordered a Earl Grey Tea from Rishi for $3.75 and she was thrilled that they used a higher quality tea than just the basic Twinning’s.


The Food

I ordered the Eggshop Poutine for $10.95 and a Bag of Bacon (literally a bag full of bacon, great concept) for $4.95 and it was excellent and who wouldn’t want a bag of bacon?. They use a mix of potatoes with Greek flavoring as well as using mexi-cheese which was so amazing.

The bag of bacon was literally a bag of crispy bacon, pure perfection. It was delicious and very filling. Just so you know, it is about 6-8 slices of bacon, not like other restaurants that serve you 2-3 pieces.

My wife and daughter ordered the Classy Chix for $13.95 each and it was delicious. It came with half a fresh avocado and lots of crispy bacon. It was lots of food and very filling.

My daughter also ordered the Giant Warm Half Pound Chocolate Chip cookie $7.95 and it was absolutely amazing. When it is served warm it is so much better, it was soft and smooth. She said she would order it again.


The Service

The service was amazing and quick. When we were just about finished our food, the chef came out and asked us about our food and we were able to ask some questions about our food. We said that we loved that the bacon was crispy and didn’t have to ask to be crispy. The chef’s comments were, “who wants a rubbery piece of bacon, right?”


The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 7:00AM – 3:00PM



There is street parking and a lot across the street, depending on the day you go, you will have to pay.


Last Words

We will definitely be heading back down there to try some of their other menu items, plus my daughter really wants another half-pound cookie. Go check this place out.

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