Today we found our way down in Kensington to check out a new coffee shop with the most amazing location. They are located right on the corner of Kensington Road and Kensington Crescent and it is really nice sitting there watching all of the people walk and drive by. There is more to serve coffee with a purpose, and that is that they help support low income families and communities in Columbia through the sale of their products. So great to hear, they have coffee with a cause.


The Interior

This location is surrounded by windows and is really nice. The coffee bar takes up most of the room in this café. There was only six tables with a couple seats in the one full corner. The location is very modern and the only downside we could think of is that during the summer months it is going to be really hot in there. Hopefully they are going to have some sort of patio.

It would have been nice if they had accordion doors around the rounded side of the café. That would be amazing during those summer months.


The Drinks

I ordered the Latte for $5.05 and it was quite good with good flavour. The espresso that they use is a blend from six different farming families from Colombia called the Narino Blend.

My wife had the London Fog for $4.05 and it was more of a tea misto since there is no flavour added to their London Fog. They are using Sarjesa Tea for their beverages.

My daughter ordered the Hot Chocolate for $4.25 and it was made with chocolate sauce and it had good flavour. She wished there was something to make it less plain, maybe add some whip cream?

The Service

The staff were friendly and made our drinks in a timely manner. We were slightly disappointed when we seen a staff member pull out Mercato tea for herself, it was kind of sad, my wife would have preferred her London Fog be made with the Mercato tea instead.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday – 7:00AM – 7:00PM

Sunday – 8:00AM – 5:00PM



Being in Kensington you still only have parking on the street so you have to pay for that. There is a lot across the street but again you will have to pay for that.


Last Words

We will be visiting again in the future as we get down to Kensington quite frequently and would also like to if they have special drinks for the summer months and other events.

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