After we were at Good Trade Coffee Co. we decided to walk down and check out PB & J YYC just a block away. We had read about them and were excited to see that their first day open was in fact the day we visited on Boxing Day. They have a great little location, right on Kensington Road.


The Interior

It is a small location but the small space works really well for them. On the right there is a giant bar where they make all the sandwiches, on the left there are a couple tables and their nut butter station. You heard me, nut butter station! You can make your own Peanut, Cashew, Almond, or a combination of those butters. It is really amazing.

The Drinks

The only drink my daughter had was a cup of their Chocolate Almond Milk and she said it was absolutely amazing. The best Almond Milk she has ever had. She even asked if she could buy it by the gallon if possible.


The Food

After checking out their different sandwiches we decided to try a couple different ones. Also I would like to let you know, these are grilled sandwiches and they are a good size sandwich. For those of you out there with kids, you could easily cut this sandwich into quarters and feed a few kids. Or you could just go there and leave your kids at home. Your call.

My daughter ordered the Reese’s Peace for $6.99 and it was absolutely delicious. It was their Peanut Butter with Reese’s Pieces, chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts. She said it was absolutely amazing and she would have it again.

My wife ordered the Fig Delight for $7.99 and it too was amazing. It was their Almond Butter with Fig jam and coconut. The Fig was flavorful with the almond butter, there was a faint taste of coconut but it was just perfect.

I ordered the Brazen Blueberry for $6.99 and I don’t know if I can keep saying it was amazing, but it was delicious as well. It was their Cashew Butter with blueberry jam and butterscotch. It was a balanced blend of sweetness and more sweetness. I do love me some blueberries and butterscotch.

My wife and I shared the sandwiches due to her not being able to eat Peanut Butter I didn’t have the chance to try my daughters. But she said it was amazing as well and I guess I will have to take her word on it.

The Service

The owners were very friendly and they asked for our feedback and we made a couple suggestions and it was nice to see that they were well received. We really hope that they are successful because this is amazing.

The Hours

Monday to Thursday – 7:00AM – 4:00PM

Friday and Saturday – 7:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday – 7:00AM – 4:00PM



Being in Kensington there is only street parking and I’m sorry to say that you will have to pay unless you head down on a Sunday.


Last Words

We will definitely be visiting them again and again in the future. There are so many options of sandwiches and we want to try each and everyone of them if we can. So if I had one request I would ask that everyone tries to get down there to visit and try a sandwich for themselves.

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