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Toffifee Hot Chocolate DL – $6.00

Remember when you were  young and you would find bowls of Toffifee candies throughout the house around the holidays…well, we have created a mouthwatering hot chocolate based off those delicious sweets. By combining the flavors of hazelnut, toffee and chocolate, we have made one of the tastiest hot chocolates that take you back to being a kid again!

We found out that this hot chocolate was created by one person, Jessica, that works at Bike and Brew. The idea came to her just after Christmas and we agreed that it is a great combination of the flavours. It is a very beautiful beverage as well, very comparable to the hot chocolate that they created last year.

There is a wonderful combination of all the flavours of hazelnut, toffee and chocolate. We asked for one with half hazelnut and it was delicious. We only suggested that they make the hot chocolate a little hotter, because once the whip is added the temperature decreases quite rapidly. But other than that it was a delicious hot chocolate. Definitely go and try this hot chocolate if you have the chance.

Another one in the top list for my daughter, at least for now.

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