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Sapori di Sicilia – $5.99

A gourmet thick and smooth 70% Madagascar Dark Chocolate with Italian Pistachio cream. Topped with homemade whipped cream, a snowfall of Bronte Pistachio and finished off with a Pistachio drizzle. A daydream for every chocolate lover.

Let me start by saying we had a rocky start to trying this hot chocolate, we went on Sunday the 2nd and we tried two separate times to try the drink and then gave up.

Today we decided to head there right after work, third times the charm because we were able to try it today. Before I talk about their creation, know that depending on the day and who creates it for you, you will either enjoy it with a straw or with a spoon.

Today we had to use a spoon, it was like a pudding cup with pistachio whip which was really delicious. We were more shocked that it wasn’t a true hot chocolate and more of a dessert. The lady we chatted with said that it is how hot chocolates are made in Italy, which we found very interesting.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience of another kind of hot chocolate.  To me it definitely felt like having dessert.   

So just know that this hot chocolate it is definitely different than others you will try this month. I do applaud the experience and this is why I love the creative process of this event.

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