Chicken Bones Hot Chocolate – $6.00

You might be asking yourself what is a chicken bones hot chocolate? Does a hot chocolate really have chicken bones in it? How can it taste? All we can say for sure is that you’ll never know unless you experience one for yourself. This game changing hot chocolate is brought to you by Calgary Heritage Roasting Company and is curated with the infamous east coast delicacy “Chicken Bones” by Ganong Chocolatier. Warning: Calgary Heritage Roasting Company will not be responsible for over consumption of delicious Chicken Bones Hot Chocolate or if customers start walking, pecking and roosting.

When we arrived it was really busy and we had the opportunity to ask who created this beverage and it was one of the owners. Chicken Bones Candy is an East Coast classic candy that everyone loves. They melted it down and put with the chocolate.  It is a very pretty and simple display which makes it look really good.

The flavours of a Chicken Bone are very subtle and you can taste the cinnamon a little which is really good. This hot chocolate is very delicious especially since you get a Chicken Bone with your hot chocolate.

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