Malibu Coconut Bliss – $9.00

Coconut Ripple Bliss – $6.00

Steamed Coconut Milk, Butterscotch Chocolate Chip, Toasted Coconut Flakes & Marshmallows. Drizzled with Chocolate Syrup. For the alcohol one you get a shot of Malibu Rum with it.

It was shocking to see that the smaller of the two we got was the one with alcohol in it. The taste was very similar in both, just the one had the addition of Malibu Rum. You would think that all the coconut flavour would be too much, it wasn’t. It was delicious.

The regular one was also really delicious, the flavour combination with all the components was amazing. They were both very creamy since being made with Coconut Milk, it made it smooth and rich. They were just amazing.

The only comments we have is we wish the temperature was hotter, it was more like a luke warm and that will happen when you place marshmallows inside. The other is that when you eat all the toppings, and I would suggest you do, some of the coconut flakes fall into the hot chocolate and you have to be careful not to swallow them. We found we have to drink very carefully not to have any go down the throat.

Overall these were both very delicious hot chocolates.

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