Marshmallow Bar + Real Chocolate x Milk – $8.00

Our drink features Kin+Pod’s award-winning, ethically sourced, and locally handcrafted bean-to-bar 70% Tumaco Colombia dark chocolate, melted into steamed organic milk by Vital Green Farms in southern Alberta, to create the desirable fluffy texture and integrate perfectly to make a rich, creamy and flavourful hot chocolate. To top it off, enjoy a toasted, handcrafted marshmallow of your choice from a selection of unique flavours, created by Kin+Pod in our exclusive collab for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest!

This is a delicious hot chocolate that you can customize to your liking by selecting two different marshmallows from their bar to add to your drink. Your options to select from Vanilla, Espresso (made with Sought and Found Coffee Grounds), Passionfruit, and Matcha.

In my hot chocolate I selected was Vanilla and Espresso they were both absolutely amazing, they were toasted on the side of the cup. I ate mine instead of letting it soak into the drink like I should have. The hot chocolate was amazing, but then again anything from Sought and Found is amazing.

I plan on going back to try the hot chocolate with the other two marshmallows, since I heard that the Passionfruit marshmallow and the Matcha marshmallow are both really good too. I love that they allow you to mix different flavours with their hot chocolate.

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