Tiramisu Hot Chocolate – $6.10 (12oz), $6.80 (16oz)

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate topped with mascarpone whip and a lady finger. The syrups used are our house made chocolate sauce and a house made coffee syrup with condensed Marsala and decaf espresso.

This was one that my daughter was the most excited about trying and she said it fell short of her expectations.

Everything is made in house which is amazing but it had an overwhelming flavour of coffee. She was expecting a little but more sweetness and it was stronger on the coffee side. The whip should have had some mascarpone flavouring and she said that there was barely any flavour in the whip. They use Phil and Sebastian decaf coffee for their coffee syrup and my daughter said that she thinks it was a lot of coffee in the drink.

When my daughter asked about the drink the girl said that the drink was to resemble more of an Italian style tiramisu instead of the sweet tiramisu that most people are use too. She wished that they added a little more sweetness to the drink.

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