White Rum Raspberry – $8.50

White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato, the name itself says it all with a creamy deluxe white chocolate base and raspberry ripple swirls which sits on a pillowy bed of fresh whipped cream with hot white chocolate and Jamaican Rum underneath to warm you up in the cold weather. Topped with crisp white chocolate shavings and dusted with rose petals, this delightful and elegant treat will satisfy any chocoholic!

When we arrived we were distracted by all the flavours of gelato that they had and they had a ton. This hot chocolate was very pretty and we were very impressed that they put a mini scoop of raspberry white chocolate gelato on top of the whip and it never sunk through to the chocolate. So that means that the hot chocolate stayed hot, when all the whip and gelato was gone the hot chocolate was still really hot.

They have amazing whip skills to be able to have a small scoop of gelato stay on the whip. We were very impressed and amazed. Also the addition of white rum was a great combination with all the other flavours of this beverage. My daughter says it may be one of her favourites of all that we have tried. Just amazing!

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