Deconstructed Italian Cioccolato – $5.75

Have it your way! Mix all the amazing components together at once, or enjoy it detail by detail.. mixing it in your mouth, just the way you want it: Thick Italian hot chocolate next to deep fried ice cream in a Nutella rimmed cup, followed by a decadent thick orange whipped cream and 1.5oz of Brandy to complement the creation (Non-alcoholic option available),  and a delicious chocolate covered cookie straw. Find your unique mixing taste and indulge in our deconstructed creation.

We really liked the aspect that you could try the elements separately or mix them all together. We tried each of the elements and they were amazing by themselves and when we mixed them all together the flavour was delicious. Unfortunately we could not taste orange in the whip, we could really taste the cinnamon more than anything else. The thick chocolate was warm and decadent, and when poured over the ice cream it was really good.

The homemade ice cream was deep fried with cornflakes and chip pieces which was a nice addition. The only sad part was that when we mixed the melted chocolate with the ice cream it was really good, but there were chunks. Don’t like having chunks that we have to chew when we are having a hot chocolate.

Their spirited option is $11 and it is not outrageous since $2 gets donated to Meals on Wheels.

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