White Chocolate Raspberry – $6.00

Premium raspberry black tea swirled with succulent white chocolate sauce. Topped with whipped cream and sparkling pink sprinkles. It is divine! Alternative milks available for a small fee. It will be made with Dairy, but can be made with Almond, Soy or Coconut milk for an additional charge of 50 Cents per cup.

We were very excited to try this hot chocolate since their one last year was absolutely amazing as well. We decided to get two, one made the regular way and one made with coconut milk. We were excited to see that they are donating $2 from every drink to Meals on Wheels, the most we have seen on a regular hot chocolate. Unfortunately we were unable to have whip since she ran out, but honestly the drink doesn’t need the whip, it was delicious without it.

Both drinks were full of flavour and absolutely amazing. The Coconut milk added a creamy aspect to the drink and the regular one was just as creamy. It was amazing. We could really “taste all the organic love” that the girl put into making our drinks today.

We have to say that Totalitea has really mastered the tea based hot chocolates and those making that kind of beverage should take note.

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