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Candied Orange Hot Chocolate – $6.50

This year Bell’s Cafe is doing a locked up Candied Orange Hot Chocolate!!! If you like the idea of this dynamic duo you are in for a treat! Using Coppeneur Madagascar chocolate, we’ve made a rich dark chocolate ganache with orange oil. Garnished with a candied orange rim, whipped cream topping, chocolate sprinkles and in house made candied orange peel dipped in chocolate, this hot chocolate will not disappoint! Naturally gluten free and vegan with milk alternatives, this hot chocolate is for everyone! Our contribution to this festival is made with love and the idea that hot chocolate should have a dark, rich chocolate taste with pure ingredients, and we can’t wait for you to taste it!

To start, these guys are donating $2 per hot chocolate to Meals on Wheels which is absolutely amazing. I wish more places did this.

The candied chocolate covered orange piece was delicious and we ere excited to know that they make those in house. Now to the actual drink, the fist sip had an overwhelming orange oil flavouring. It really caught us off guard and tasted a little like perfume, which was really sad. As we drank the drink the oil texture stayed and the orange flavour was still a little strong.

We strongly believe that if they toned back the orange oil the drink would be a lot better.

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