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Ruby Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate – $8.00

Deane’s 2020 YYC hot chocolate festival contender is a ruby chocolate ganache, with housemade sorrel marshmallows rolled in toasted almonds. Warm up with a cup of this pink delight — a flavour profile of fresh red berries from the chocolate, & tang from the sorrel, make this February feature fruity and vibrant!

Everything for this hot chocolate is made in house at the Deane House, including the Sorrel Marshmallow, the Ruby Ganache, and the mini pink chocolate chips. This hot chocolate is visually appealing and absolutely delicious. The marshmallow had great flavour and when combined with the Ruby Ganache hot chocolate it its absolutely amazing. You definitely get the berry flavour from the Ruby Ganache and it is a smooth, creamy, light hot chocolate.

If you want a light hot chocolate to finish out a day of heavy hot chocolates, this is the one you should have.

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