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LavElixir – $7.58

A Velvety smooth Lavender infused hot chocolate cream with a splash of Don Julio Reposado Tequila, topped with pistachios and lavender meringue.

So we are always nervous about Lavender drinks because they can be overwhelming and very strong or potentially taste like soap. The whip was the perfect amount of lavender and not overpowering, it was really good. When we got down to the chocolate, it was a strange flavour, we don’t know how to explain it. First we don’t know if tequila should be used, we would suggest sticking to liquors (baileys, coconut rum, etc) because others don’t blend as well.

We also made the comment that this is a very strong alcohol hot chocolate even though they don’t put a whole shot of tequila. We think it is because of the lavender that it actually makes it stronger. That is also why we could only drink half.

We are afraid to say that this is not one of our favourites, just the flavour profile was not very appetizing. Sorry Century Downs.

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