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Martha’s Packing Heat – $6.30

Starting with a Honduras origin dark chocolate that smells and tastes like a fresh baked batch of Martha Stewart’s brownies, we “drop it like it’s hot”, with Arbol chiles and Saigon cinnamon, for a twist that will leave you saying, Fo Shizzle! *note: Leafs by Snoop not used in the making of this hot chocolate.

We have never tried the hot chocolate from The Chocolate Lab before and we found ourselves downtown and decided to try this one. The presentation is really nice with the giant cookie with the hot chocolate.

Upon first sip we didn’t get a lot of spice, it wasn’t until all the whip had dissolved that you could really get the Arbol Chiles and Saigon Cinnamon. We like spicy drinks, but even this one was a little too spicy for our liking.

It was a very creamy spicy hot chocolate. If you like a little extra spice, then definitely go and try this hot chocolate and grab a couple bonbon’s as well.

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