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Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Chocolate – $5.75

The name says it all… your all-time favourites in one creation! Our cookie-based hot chocolate creation has a rich Italian chocolate base, mixed with Raspberry liqueur and Kalua (No-alcohol option available), creamy milk and cookies comes with a delicious chocolate covered cookie, whipped cream, white and dark chocolate shavings and a delicious brownie on top that will have your senses tingling.

Today we tried the non-alcohol one since there were other things that needed to be done. The hot chocolate is very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. The brownie pieces are very good and full of chocolate flavour and the marshmallow fluff around the outside it delicious toasted with all the flavours of the hot chocolate.

The whip of the drink takes up one third of the cup which is slightly disappointing, so that really cooled down the hot chocolate quickly. The flavour of the hot chocolate is sweet because you get that cheesecake flavour. Either way it is a really good hot chocolate.

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