Wow, what a hot chocolate fest. Well done Calgary! This has been the hardest year to pick our top ones. We generally gravitate towards more creative hot chocolates. You can taste the difference when shops have really gone all in with the flavour profiles.

My wife and daughter didn’t drink the same hot chocolates at some shops, because of preference or just had too many in a day, which also helps our lists be different.

We managed to try 45 different hot chocolates from 44 different locations and spending roughly $250 with the average hot chocolate costing five and a half dollars. We found that the price points this year were really amazing.

We found it very difficult to narrow down to our top five, so we decided to do a top event list instead. We also couldn’t choose an overall winner from our top choices so in no particular order here are my wife’s and my daughter’s lists.

My wife’s top seven:

  1. Black Sheep – Holy Smokes
  2. Totalitea – White Chocolate Raspberry Latte
  3. Bike and Brew – Toffifee Hot Chocolate
  4. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company – Chicken Bones
  5. Lina’s – Sapori di Sicilia
  6. Sawa – Spice It Up
  7. The Nash – Dark Cocoa with Toasted Banana Meringue

My daughter’s top seven:

  1. Sought x Found – Marshmallow Bar + Real Chocolate x Milk
  2. Amato Gelato – White Rum Raspberry (spirited)
  3. Totalitea – White Chocolate Raspberry Latte
  4. Sawa – Spice It Up
  5. Bike and Brew – Toffifee Hot Chocolate
  6. Hexagon – PB + J Hot Chocolate
  7. Deane House – Ruby Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate

This year we added a map of all the locations we visited to you can see the wide area of all the hot chocolates we tasted.

We could all agree that this year there was some outstanding hot chocolates and a couple that lacked some flavour. The ones that were outstanding really stood out against the rest, whereas the ones that were disappointing really were not good due to aspects of the hot chocolate that failed. Whether it was their flavour, their whip, their garnishes, or their overall beverage.

We were very pleased to be apart of this years YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and we were so happy that we were able to visit as many locations as we could.

A big thank you to who all participated and who bought to help support Meals On Wheels. Thank you to all for helping this wonderful organization.

Happy Chocolating!!

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