While we were in Edmonton there was one place we knew we had to visit no matter what, Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters. While at Sought x Found one Saturday we met a friend of Caleb’s who owned his own cafe and roaster in Edmonton, his name is Ply. He is called the Coffee Chemist by Edmontonian’s and we knew we had to check his place out.

The Interior

They are located in an Industrial Area of Edmonton and have short hours, so we had to make sure we made it there in the hours he was open. His location has a bunch of retail products for sale and then along the one side there is room for a little seating. Due to COVID we sat outside on one of the few tables that were available outside.

The Drinks

After looking at the limited menu (due to COVID) we decided on a couple beverages that we were excited about.

My daughter and I ordered an Iced Latte. It was super delicious and had really great flavour. He was using the Colombian for the espresso which allowed the drink to go down so smoothly.

My wife ordered their summer drink, the Elderflower Lemonade. It is made with a house made Elderflower syrup and it was absolutely delicious and refreshing on this warm day.

The Service

Everyone there was super friendly and amazing. It was nice to chat with Ply for a little but as well when it died down a little. He said business had been busy, but there are slower days, just like every business right now. Everyone we talked to was very knowledgeable about everything in the shop which was really helpful and made it easy to ask about the different kind of coffees.

The Hours

Monday-Wednesday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Thursday-Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


There is a bunch of parking out front in the lot. 

Last Words

Next time we are in Edmonton we will make sure that we stop by and get some more coffee and so that I can finally get a Pour Over from Ply when we visit next.

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