We decided to check out this place called The Nook located in downtown Edmonton. It is located on the corner of a business block. They are off the beaten path so unless you know about this place, you would drive right by without even knowing it was there. 

The Interior

It is a really big location with a bunch of seating on the outside patio and in the inside there is a bunch of tables that you can sit and enjoy your snack and beverage. Right now they have all their tables socially distanced so that you can still eat in. The space is very bright and open, they have storks hanging from the roof which is beautiful. At the far end there is a counter with food and coffee, also where you pick up the beverages from. There is a great atmosphere and everyone was very welcoming.

The Drinks

Their drink menu had quite a few items to select from. After looking it over, we decided to try a couple drinks.

I ordered a Latte for $4.50 made with Roasti Coffee Roasters. It was very delicious and smooth. I have never had this roaster before and I was excited to try them out.

My wife ordered a Vanilla Steamer for $3.50 and it was delicious and amazing. She said it had a subtle vanilla flavour which was great.

My daughter ordered a Honey Milk for $3.25 which was delicious and sweet. There was a nice honey taste to the milk, she said that some of the honey had settled to the bottom which was slightly sad, but once mixed with the milk it was good.

The Food

After looking through their menus we decided on a couple different food options.

I ordered the Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Egg for $9.50 and it was made with back bacon. It was a really delicious sandwich with the added egg and bacon with the grilled cheese. I would definitely get this again.

My wife and daughter ordered the French Toast with apples and maple syrup for $14.29. It was really good, and it had three slices of bread with apples and whipped butter. The maple syrup addition was delicious. They both said it was really good and that they would order it again in the future.

We also ordered a Sweet Rhubarb Muffin for $3.10 which was delicious and had great flavour. It comes with whipped butter and the addition to the muffin was delicious.

The Service

Everyone we talked to was friendly and very helpful. We talked to the owner and she was very nice and friendly. It was great to see how much she cares about her business and the people that visit her establishment. 

The Hours

Wednesday to Friday – 8:00am to 2:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am to 3:00pm


Since it is downtown there is parking all over the streets, you will have to pay for parking though.

Last Words

We will be definitely have to visit The Nook again in the future so that we can try some of their other menu items that sounded absolutely amazing.

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