While we were driving through Moose Jaw we decided to check out a place located in downtown. It was a really great location with a bunch of windows that let in a ton of natural light.

The Interior

With all the windows the didn’t need any additional lighting which was nice. There was a bunch of tables for seating and on the left side of the shop there was their counter and bar and at the back of the cafe is where they had their kitchen where they made a bunch of their food options.

The Drinks

After looking at their menu they have both coffee and non-coffee options that are really good prices. When we looked over everything we decided on a couple options.

I ordered a Pour Over made with their single origin Peru beans for $3.10 and it was a little more acidic than I would have liked. Overall it was pretty good for a pour over. They had a selection of 12 different beans to choose from.  

My wife ordered a Raspberry Italian Soda for $3.15 and it was refreshing and delicious. She only wished that it was a little stronger with the raspberry flavour.

My daughter ordered a Mint Oreo Frappe for $4.75 and it was delicious. She only wished it was blended a little more since there were chunks of ice that kept getting stuck in the straw.

The Service

Everyone was very friendly, they did mention to us that they were closing shortly when we arrived which was great. We didn’t stay too long, just long enough to take some notes before heading back on our way.

The Hours

Sunday to Monday : Closed

Tuesday to Saturday : 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM


There was some parking on the side of the building but otherwise we couldn’t see any other parking that was available.

Last Words

Since Moose Jaw is so small, there is a limited number of coffee shops to visit and I feel like if we would have shown up early in the day there would be more options of everything. Unfortunately when we arrived everything was being put away and it was hard to get a feel for the place.

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