When we got to Regina we were looking for a place to eat and this place popped up in our searches. The food looked really good and the location was really nice, it is located in downtown Regina across from Victoria Park.

The Interior

We decided to sit outside since it was such a nice evening so we really didn’t get a chance to look inside, but my daughter took a quick look and a couple photos. The patio was nice with five tables and three of them including us were taken. It was nice to sit across from the park and be able to people watch, the only downfall was that there were a bunch of flies and wasps due to the flowers that they had around the patio. As I was trying to keep the wasps away from my wife as she is allergic to them, I managed to get stung twice. 

The Food

There was quite a few menu options that they had so it was very difficult to choose what to eat. They have a great selection of vegetarian options as well as regular options too. After we had given our order to our server she brought a plate of hummus and cut pita to the table, they give it as a complimentary snack while you wait for your food.

I ordered the Bonanza Burger for $20 and it was really good but really messy. Unfortunately it came with mushrooms even though it didn’t have any on the menu and I don’t like mushrooms. The fries were really good and the meat was seasoned really well. 

My wife ordered the Linguine Pollo Mondo for $20 and it was delicious. She said it had really good flavour and it was super saucy which was a huge bonus. Overall it was really good.

My daughter ordered the Shrimp and Scallops Linguine for $20 and it was creamy and good. She said she wished the tails were off the shrimp and that the scallops had more flavour. It was also a little too saucy for her liking.

The Service

It wasn’t very busy and after we got our food our waiter disappeared completely. My daughter had to go and find someone to be able to get a take home package and the bill. When the waiter came with the take home package they didn’t bring the bill and we had to wait an additional ten minutes for the bill. The service was super disappointing.

The Hours

They are open everyday from 10:00 AM until Close. It seems like close can be at any time.


There is parking all along the street on the one side. On the weekends there is two hour free parking and during the week you will have to pay.

Last Words

Unfortunately due to the service we would not be willing to visit this business again. If they would have told us our waiter was new and was unsure of the procedures we would have had a different discussion, thankfully the food saved this review. 

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