We visiting Thirteen Pies for dinner on our last night in Saskatoon because a young barista in Swift Current had said it was the best pizza that she had tried. Also that it would be cool to visit since everything is movie related and that made my daughter really excited to check it out.

The Interior

It is not an overly big location, when you walk up the stairs the bar is on the right and all the seating is on the left with the kitchen at the very back. The bar had a great selection of liquor and seating options. On the wall above a couple tables they had Indian Jones playing which we thought was very cool. We didn’t stay to eat this time, but next time we would definitely eat in.

The Food

After looking over their very cool menu we decided to do one large pizza and divide it in half to have two different kinds. 

We ordered half the Bridge City Butcher which was beef, bacon, sherry onions, provolone, mozzarella, diced onion and a tomato sauce. It was delicious with the topping of fresh onions and that all the flavours worked really well with each other.

The other half we got I know What You Ate Last Summer without the Fresno Chilis, but it did have prosciutto, pineapple, provolone, mozzarella, arugula and tomato sauce. They put the arugula in a separate container so it wouldn’t wilt on the drive back to the hotel.

The pizza was $29 and it was absolutely delicious, it was light and had amazing flavour. The crust was also really delicious. We love when you can get a pizza and eat the whole thing without feeling like you ate a whole pizza. 

The Service

The two people my daughter talked to were very nice and friendly. They explained how to eat the pizza and how much arugula to add to the slices which was very nice. 

The Hours

They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 4:00pm to 12:00am.


Since it is located on a busy street in downtown Saskatoon, you will have some difficulty finding parking if it is really busy.

Last Words

We would for sure go back and check this place out again and try some of their other pizzas, my daughter had her eyes on the Midnight Meat Train or the Killer Cheese from Outer Space. If you are in Saskatoon, make sure you check this place out.  

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