While we were in Regina we received a message to check out this little cafe called Happy Hi. When we arrived we realized that the location used to be an old convenience store before turning into this little cafe. They have been open since December and then when COVID happened they shut down and now they just re-opened. 

The Interior

Inside they have concrete floors and white walls, it is very industrial looking which is really nice. They have a long bar in the centre of the location with the kitchen located behind the bar. They bake everything in house and their menu is small on the wall to the left. 

The Drinks

After looking at the menu we decided on a couple different items. 

I ordered an iced latte for $5.00 and it was delicious. It was made with coffee from Transcend which was really good. 

My wife and daughter both ordered the Iced Lemon Ginger Tea for $4.00 and it was absolutely delicious. It was really refreshing and it is made in house everyday which is amazing.

The Food

We seen the cart with all their baked goods on it and after looking at that we really wanted to get something.

I ordered a Buttered Toast Donut for $4.00 and it was delicious. There was buttered toast crumble on the top which was a nice added crunch.

My wife ordered a Cinnamon Bun for $4.00 and it was really light, but it was really hard to eat. She said it was really good and would like to have them again.

My daughter ordered a Boston Cream Donut for $5.00 and we were told that they made the custard with whipped cream which was delicious. As a personal preference my daughter said she wished they used a milk chocolate on top instead of the dark.

The Service

The owner, Lindsay, was super friendly and very personable. It was really nice to talk with her and the gentleman that was working about everything that they are doing now and what they would like to do in the future for the business.

The Hours

Monday to Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday to Sunday – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


They have a little lot out front that you can park in when visiting.

Last Words

We will definitely be stopping by again in the future when we come back through since there are other donuts that we would like to try.

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