On our way to Saskatoon we decided to stop in a little town called Lumsden to check out a Mom and Pop shop that we seen a sign for on the road. 

The Interior

When you walk in there is a small counter that has a bunch of food items that you could order, then you to the right there is a door to the other side of the cafe where there is a bunch of seating. To the left there is access to the kitchen where you could watch the chef bake some of their goods. We decided to sit outside on their patio where they had three tables surrounded by cement boulevards protecting its guests.

The Drinks

They didn’t have a menu up, so we had to ask the girl what they had. To our unexpected surprise the barista was the same barista that helped us the day before at 13 Ave Coffee House.

I ordered a Vanilla Latte for $4.99 which was good. I had originally ordered a latte but got a Vanilla Latte which was alright, but it did have really good flavour. They too also used Calibre Coffee. 

My daughter ordered a Caramel Macchiato for $4.99 which was alright. She said she didn’t get much caramel and the flavour was a little off. 

The Food

We decided to try a couple of their food items as well since they looked really good.

I ordered a Butter Tart for $2.75 and it was excellent with really great flavour.

My wife had a Ginger Cookie for $2.95 and it was a soft cookie with really great flavour. The amazing part was there was a chunk of dried ginger in the middle of the cookie which was great.

My daughter had a Cranberry Oat Cookie which we don’t think we were charged for. She said it had great flavour and big chunks of cranberry and small chunks of walnuts throughout the cookie as well. 

We also got a Cherry Scone for $3.95 which is a Lumsden favourite, we can see why this is Lunsden favorite, the scone was delicious and had some terrific flavours. 

The Service

The barista was very friendly and everyone that we came in contact with were very friendly and great personalities.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 6:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Saturday to Sunday – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


There is a bunch of parking on the street as well on the side of the building.

Last Words

Since this small hamlet of Lumsden is a little far away from Calgary, if we were back through again in the future, we would stop by since it had an amazing small town feel with really great tasting coffee and treats.  

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