As soon as we arrived in Saskatoon we decided to find a coffee shop that was actually open on August 3 and there was one location. We went on the hunt to find Venn Coffee Roasters. They are located behind a building in an alley so if you were just driving by, you wouldn’t even know it was there unless you were looking. 

The Interior

It is a really small location with a little seating on the inside and a couple benches outside for seating. They have some coffee for sale as well, so I decided to purchase a bag of their Grasslands Blend and I am excited to try it.

The Drinks

After looking over their limited menu, we decided on a couple beverages.

I ordered an Iced Latte for $5.00 and it was using their Guatemalan blend that I ended up buying. It was really good with good flavour and smoothness. 

My daughter ordered an Iced Berry Blue Tea for $5.00 and it had good flavour. It wasn’t watered down like other iced teas that you sometimes get.

The Service

When we arrived it seemed like the barista took a few minutes to realize that we were even in the shop. We also realized that people in Saskatoon were not as friendly as they were in Regina. It was really hot outside, so as soon as we got our drinks, we decided to leave. 

The Hours

They are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.


There is a bunch of parking located all around the shop on the road and in the alley as well.

Last Words

This coffee shop was located in an interesting location which we thought was cool, also a little hard to find. I wish the barista would have noticed us a little sooner and we were not just standing there, but if you are in Saskatoon, make sure you check this location out. 

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