White Chocolate Lavender Orange Hot Chocolate

House Made Brown Butter Orange Zest Lindt White Chocolate Ganache w/House Made Lavender Syrup. Add whip cream, white chocolate flakes, orange zest and dried lavender for topping.

Price: $5.50 Large, $5.00 Medium

We went in a little worried about this drink because lavender, lavender can be either done right or done really wrong. Thankfully this hot chocolate was done really well. It was amazing! The lavender and orange is a great pairing and the addition of the whip was a nice subtle vanilla hint.

The only comment we had was that we wish the lavender seeds on the top as garnish was ground instead. We didn’t like the idea of having seeds in our mouth when trying to enjoy the hot chocolate. We also hoped that the whip had a little more orange flavour.

Other than that their breakfast foods were absolutely amazing, we had a wrap and a breakfast sandwich which was a delicious addition to the hot chocolate as well. Definitely check out Velvet Café and their delicious hot chocolate.

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