This year is going to look a little different due to COVID-19. There was no launch party and no pre-tasting of the hot chocolates. The launch event was always a great way to help get Calgarians excited about February and the Hot Chocolate Festival. We think that with all the amazing entries this year, it won’t be a problem getting people excited.

If you don’t know what YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is, it takes place in February every year and participating cafes, restaurants, and chocolatiers compete for the coveted titles of Best Hot Chocolate, Best Spirited Hot Chocolate, and the Cup that Runneth Over (who sells the most). A portion from each of the Hot Chocolates supports Meals on Wheels and that in turn provides meals to Calgarians in need.

This is our fifth year participating in YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. Last year we were able to try 44 different Hot Chocolates and 35 the year before. We wonder how many we will be able to try this year.

There are so many amazing cafes, restaurants, and chocolatiers participating this year, including;

Although we have only listed ten, there is so many more that are going to be exciting to try.

If you would like to follow our adventure make sure you follow us @extremecoffeefreak on Instagram or keep checking out the website for all the posts about the drinks.

We look forward to trying the hot chocolates this year!

Happy Chocolating!

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