S’more’tacular Hot Chocolate

“Nothing brings back warm memories like the taste of a goey, chocolately, graham crackery S’more… except maybe a Hot Chocolate S’more combo on a cool winter’s day! Imagine warming your hands on a decadent hot chocolate, topped with a mouthwatering deconstructed S’more made from graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and toasted marshmallows, making one tasty treat.”

Price: $6.50 Large, $6.00 Medium

We have loved all the hot chocolates that Bike and Brew has done in the last few years so we were really excited to try this one. We headed down and had a heck of a time trying to find parking since Bridgeland was very busy.

It is a beautifully created hot chocolate and we were excited to have a S’more flavoured hot chocolate. The best part was they torched the marshmallows with a butane lighter and not a torch, which we thought was absolutely amazing.

Our only comment was that we wished it would have had more of the S’more flavour throughout the hot chocolate. After we drank half of it the S’more flavour was pretty much gone. Overall though this was a delicious hot chocolate.

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