Spicy Ginger Black Tea Hot Chocolate

“This year, our hot chocolate is made with steeped Assam black tea and gets an extra dose of heat from spicy ginger syrup. This surprisingly delightful trio will keep you warm all winter long! No hot chocolate is complete without a big pile of whipped cream and the cherry on top? A cookie on top – Spicy Ginger Cookie.

Price: $6.20

We were really excited about this hot chocolate since the ones in the past were absolutely amazing. This year’s creation is delicious with a tea based hot chocolate, using Assam black tea with the mixture of chocolate is a great combination of the two the flavours. There is a great kick of heat from the spicy ginger syrup, the best part is it doesn’t linger in the back of your throat… you take a sip and there is the heat, next time you swallow it is gone. It is just amazing!

The ginger cookie you get with the drink is also delicious. It is a soft cookie with just the right amount of ginger and dusted with a little sugar. YUM! That is all I can say… delicious!

Honestly you need to check this hot chocolate out before the end of February, you will not be disappointed.

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