Campfire Delight

“Your favourite campfire classic, the s’more! Our creamy hot chocolate with smoke infused marshmallow and a ritual doughnut graham cracker crusted doughnut hole. You’re not going to want to miss out on this smokey campfire inspired delight!”

Price: $6.50

The lady working when we visited Calgary Heritage was very nice and it was great chatting with her about the drink and some of the other ones we have tried. She talked about the Campfire Delight and it was great to hear that they were getting really good feedback on the beverage.

It was a nice drink to take a picture of because you can see the marshmallow and the doughnut hole that they skewer for the top garnish. You could really smell the smoke coming from the marshmallow, it smells exactly like a campfire. The doughnut from Ritual Doughnuts was very good and a nice combination with the smokey hot chocolate.

On these cold days this hot chocolate is the perfect thing to warm you up and pretend that you are sitting next to a campfire. 

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