All Hail Hot Chocolate

“Decadent milk chocolate infused with cardamom and topped with real whip cream and a slice of Arabian ice cream and ground pistachio. *pistachio can be removed due to nut allergies*”

Price: $6.50

This hot chocolate was a very pretty hot chocolate, we did wish we could have got it in a glass because it was much prettier. Even though the hot chocolate still tastes the same and looked good as well. We pulled the Arabian Ice Cream off so that we could try it individually. It was very good and had a marshmallow like texture, stretchy kind of like gum, it’s really hard to describe but it tasted very good and it is very unique.

Other than that the hot chocolate was very good, it has a very strong cardamom flavour and if you like that then this is the drink for you. The only comment we have is that the chunks of pistachio that were sprinkled on and from the ice cream fall into the drink and create chunks if you would and we are not that big of fans of chunks in our hot chocolates.

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