Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

“We are taking you on a journey to Hogwarts! Our baristas have used their trained wizardly magic to bring to your our Butterbeer Hot Chocolate. A creamy delicious in-house made blend of melted chocolate, butterscotch, butter, and steamed milk. The final touch, a magic wand (pocky), and sapphire sprinkles on top to bring the magic alive. We can’t wait to share this will all you muggles. *Cannot be made 100% dairy free, you can sub the milk for oat, almond, or lactaid milk.”

Price: $6.00

This is a creamy hot chocolate with a nice butterscotch flavour. The pocky makes it a fun way to be treated like a wand for all those magical people out there. There was not that much butter flavour that we could taste, but you could really get the butterscotch.

We really loved the creativity and that we could be a part of the magical community even if it was for a short period of time. Fly on over and have yourself a Butterbeer, you may even run into Harry Potter or Dobby the House Elf grabbing a hot chocolate.

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