Kristi’s Kentucky Campout

“Kristi’s own chocolate syrup mixed with Angels envy – Kentucky Bourbon Whisky finished in port wine barrels, some of the best there is. Topped with a little smoke and a roasted house-made marshmallow with a cinnamon stick. You will feel like you are camping in the hills of Kentucky – almost heaven.”

Price: $14.50

This boozy hot chocolate was very delicious with the Angels Envy – Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, it gave it such a warming effect with the hot chocolate. The whiskey also made the hot chocolate so smooth and very very good. Kristi also made their own chocolate sauce and marshmallows which really elevated the drink that much more.

The best part was the whiskey really blended with the chocolate and didn’t overpower the flavour of the chocolate. They really did their research and found the perfect whiskey to match with their chocolate to make this one delicious hot chocolate.

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