Kristi’s Polar Express

“Kristi’s own chocolate syrup with a shot of peppermint topped with a house-made marshmallow, a drizzle of chocolate and candy cane crumble. Made frothy with milk or milk alternatives so everyone can enjoy this season.”

Price: $7.25

This hot chocolate was another winner from Kristi, it was delicious, smooth, and creamy. Thankfully the peppermint flavour was not overpowering in any kind of way, it actually added a little to the flavour of the chocolate which was delicious. The marshmallow was toasted and tasted amazing by itself, but we let it melt throughout the drink and when I got to the bottom of the drink I got to enjoy the marshmallow with a little bit of the candy cane which was amazing.

This is definitely a must try hot chocolate if you find yourself around Edmonton Trail.

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