Cherry Blossom Bliss

“Get ready to dive into our deconstructed Cherry Blossom Bliss Hot Chocolate. Made with 70% Bernard Callebaut chocolate and served with a scoop of deep-fried cherry ice cream, coated in chocolate cornflakes and topped with cherry cream cheese whipped cream. We’re paying homage to our favourite Canadian chocolate confection, the Cherry Blossom.”

Price: $12.00

This is always a fun favourite hot chocolate of ours. We love the personalized aspect of this drink, you get to make it how you want. Cravings gives you all the pieces and you put it together. They give you an empty glass, some deep fried ice cream, some whip cream and a glass of hot chocolate, and since we did the alcohol one we got a mini flute of the gin and chocolate liquor. You get to make it how strong or how weak you would like.

We always start off by tasting each individual element before we mix it all together. Every aspect of this drink is delicious by itself and it was a hundred times better altogether. Everything about this drink screamed chocolate and cherry, it was absolutely amazing, each element played off each other and added more cherry or chocolate flavour.

This is a definite must try, whether you get the alcohol one or the regular one.

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