Stampede Mini Donut Hot Chocolate

“Chocolaty, cinnamon sugar, vanilla flavour profile… will have you longing for the real deal… good news… this scrumptious hot chocolate is topped with 2 of the famed mini donuts, vanilla whip and dusting of cinnamon sugar.”

Price: $6.10

This hot chocolate tastes exactly like a stampede mini donut. We could not believe how they managed to get the flavour from the mini donut to blend so well into the hot chocolate. It had the sweetness from the cinnamon sugar mixed with the delicious chocolate, it really was a really delicious hot chocolate.

The only comment we had is we wished the donut was warm and fresh with a little less of the cinnamon sugar, since there was a lot of the cinnamon sugar on the cold donut that you get with the hot chocolate.

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