We decided to check out a new cafe located in South Calgary in the old location of London Fog Cafe. We were excited to check out this new location since they were only open for six months when we visited.

Why the name you might ask? Jindo is a Korean breed of dog that originated from the Jindo Islands. They are known for their exceptional faithfulness, loyalty, and active yet gentle nature. They named the cafe to be one of those spaces that is  hub for the community representing the same virtues. – Cafe Jindo

The Interior

The location is very open and bright, there is about five tables located inside with a couple out front on the sidewalk. There is pictures on the walls of art for sale made by local Calgarians. At the back of their shop there is table with coffee, tea, and accessories for sale. 

The Drinks

After looking over the menu and talking with Daniel we decided on a couple beverages. 

I ordered a Latte for $3.75 and they were using the David Kim Espresso which was delicious. It was not too milky, you could actually taste the coffee which was really nice. The latte had really great flavour as well.

My wife ordered their Summer Cooler drink the Yuja Yogurt Cooler for $5.75. It was a partnership with Meals on Wheels for their Summer Cooler event happening around Calgary. It had really great flavour and it is one of those drinks that you could drink all day.

My daughter ordered a London Fog for $4.75 it was made with Smith Tea. It smelled very fruity and delicious. It was a different kind of London Fog because it wasn’t made with Vanilla or Lavender, it was made with Bergamont Syrup which was absolutely amazing and really elevated the drink to the next level. 

The Food

After looking over the menu, there were clearly some stand out items that we really wanted to sample. Just to clarify everything looked absolutely amazing and we would go back to try everything on the menu.

I ordered a Cinnamon Bun for $3.98, it was huge. It had really great flavour and the icing was delicious. It didn’t have a ton of cinnamon which was a nice touch.

My wife ordered the Waffle with Maple Lemon for $5.75 and she found it amazing. It was delicious and had a nice hint of lemon with the maple syrup.

My daughter ordered the Matcha Korean Street Waffle for $6.25 and it was delicious. The only comment she had is there was a little too much of the matcha cream cheese for her liking. She wished it was more whip and a little less of the match cream cheese. 

The Service

The owner was working today, it was a great experience being able to talk to him about his shop and the decisions he made to make it his own. He was very personable and enjoyed hearing about our experience at his cafe. 

The Hours

Sunday – 8:00am to 4:00pm

Monday – Closed

Tuesday to Saturday – 8:00am to 6:00pm


There is a bunch of parking located out front of the shop since it is located in a strip mall in South East Calgary. 

Last Words

We will definitely be visiting this amazing cafe again in the future. There is so many more menu items that we would like to try. As well if they come out with more seasonal drinks we would head out that way to see what they have to offer.

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