While driving to Vancouver, we decided to stop in Kamloops and get some lunch. As my wife and daughter were looking for somewhere to eat, my wife came across Mittz Kitchen. It had high reviews about its food. It is located right in downtown Kamloops.

The Interior

We ate on the patio so we don’t actually know what the inside looks like. The outside however, had a bunch of seating which was nice. It was an overcast day when we were there and we noticed that there was ash flying in the air. It was also very busy on the patio which is always great to see, it also tells me that we chose the right place to eat.

The Drinks

After looking over the menu, one drink kind of really interested me and that was their Craig Cook. It was $4.50 and it was a combination of orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and soda. It really tasted amazing and all the flavours really combined well.

The Food

While we were waiting to order so many delicious menu items walked pasts us, so let me just say it was really hard to decide on what to get.

I ordered the Crispy Chicken and Waffles for $14, it was absolutely amazing, I cleaned my plate. The waffle was super fluffy, the chicken was battered but wasn’t heavy, and the creamy maple mustard was delicious. 

My wife ordered the Classic Double Cheeseburger for $17, it was also amazing. The burger was light, there was a great bun to burger ratio, also the fries were really good. The best part was, the burger didn’t fall apart in her hands.

My daughter ordered the Mittz Bacon/Avo Benny for $16, it was really good. She received one hard egg and one soft egg which was nice. The smashed potatoes were really delicious. The combination between the bacon and avocado really blended well together. 

The Service

The staff were friendly and super helpful. The nice thing here, is the waiters brought you your food and then left you to eat, coming back only once to check if everything was great. The atmosphere was amazing and the portions were great for the price.

The Hours

Open seven days a week at 11am.

Brunch: 11-2pm on Saturday and Sunday


There is only street parking and unfortunately driving a truck it was very difficult to find parking.

Last Words

We would definitely head back to this restaurant to get food again when we are in Kamloops again. I would definitely recommend you checking this place out if you are driving through Kamloops. 

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