On our way out of Squamish heading back to Vancouver we came across a little cafe and museum by the Brittana Mine. It was a small location but very busy. We just grabbed a couple drinks and then headed back to Vancouver. 

The Interior

You walk through the entrance of the museum to get to this cafe, on the walls there are a ton of images of all the famous people that had visited this cafe. There were a lot of them too. There were a couple tables with people sitting, but we had just grabbed our to go so that we could continue on our trip.

The Drinks

After looking over their menu and asking a couple different questions about a couple of the drinks we decided on a couple of cold beverages.

I ordered the Melon Lemonade which was really great. It had a subtle flavour of the melon, but the lemonade packed a punch for sure.

My wife ordered the Raspberry Lemonade which was awesome. She said it had the exact amount of raspberry to make it delicious.

My daughter ordered the Peach Lemonade which was good. She wished it had a little more peach flavour and less lemonade taste to it.

The Service

Since it was so busy, the staff seemed distracted and didn’t offer the best of service that we have had from other places. 

The Hours

Their hours change with the Seasons. Make sure you check their website at https://www.britanniaminemuseum.ca/pages/hours-tour-times for the up to date hours. 


There is a huge lot outside the mine that has a ton of spots.

Last Words

Next time we drive through we would probably stop and try a couple different drinks or even visit the mine itself. 

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