While in Squamish we had to check out this little ice cream trailer off the highway by the river. If you were not looking for this little trailer you would not be able to find it since you have to go down on a side road without knowing about it. 

The Location

This little trailer is located off the highway in a parking lot right next to the river which was very pretty. Being able to sit at the picnic table and watch the water stroll by us. I would say that his is one of the best ice cream locations that we have ever visited.

The Ice Cream

After looking at their flavours and sampling a couple, we decided to each get two scoops so we can try more this way.

I ordered the Maple Bacon and Salted Caramel for $7.50 which was really good. The Maple Bacon was excellent with chunks of chocolate covered bacon. The Salted Caramel has really good flavour with a smooth caramel texture.

My wife ordered the Blueberry Goat Cheese and Chocolate Macaron for $7.50 which was delicious. The Blueberry Goat Cheese had great flavour with the smoothness from the goat cheese. The Chocolate Macaron was vegan and had a really smooth chocolate taste.

My daughter ordered the Mint Chip and Cookies and Cream for $7.50 which was amazing. The Mint Chip was the best she had ever had, it had little pieces of mint inside the ice cream. The Cookies and Cream was very creamy and had chunks of chocolate and cookies.

The Service

The girl working was very friendly and we asked some questions and she was willing to answer. Overall she was amazing.

The Hours

Only open during the summer. Make sure you check www.narwhalsicecream.com before heading there.


Since they are parked in a parking lot there is limited parking but more out a little further if you don’t mind walking a little.

Last Words

We would definitely head back to try more of their amazing ice cream in times to come. Even if we are driving through Squamish we would stop here again for sure. My daughter wants more of the Mint Chip for sure. 

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