This cafe was located in the warehouse district and it didn’t look like a cafe from the outside for sure. This was on a list of highly reviewed locations so we knew we had to check it out.

The Interior

The space was little but very bright inns. There were only a few tables with a huge kitchen. We later found out that there are multiple businesses that work out of that kitchen which is really cool. We soon found out after my daughter started flipping through a book that we were not allowed to touch the books. It was a really chill atmosphere for sure.

The Drinks

After looking over their menu and asking a couple different questions about a couple of the drinks we decided on a two.

I ordered a latte for $4.25 which was really good. It was light and refreshing for sure. I could still taste the coffee which was amazing.

My wife ordered the London Fog for $4.75 and she said it was good. Unfortunately it was a little weak due to the tea that they use.

My daughter had a Dream Tea Lemonade for $5 and it was really tasty, it was really good and pretty. It was made with the peaberry flower so that is why it was the beautiful colour. 

The Food

I ordered a Pork Belly Sandwich for $12 and it was really good. It was perfectly cooked pork belly on the fresh bun. It was delicious for sure.

My wife ordered the Avocado Toast for $10 which she said was really good. The combination of feta and guacamole were delicious. The radishes that were on top had a great peppery flavour which added to the toast.

The Service

Besides being told not to touch the books, the staff were friendly and willing to answer questions that we had about the cafe and the giant kitchen.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday – 9:00am to 3:30pm

Sunday – Closed


There was limited parking in front of the cafe and along the street. At least it was free parking.

Last Words

We would probably head back to this cafe to have some more food off the menu and maybe next time I would be able to touch the books.

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