While in Vancouver we had to check out the newest location for Nemesis on Great Northern Way. This new cafe is located a block away from where my daughter completed her Masters, she often said while we were here that she wished this was open while she was in school. The building has the coolest shape ever, it looks like an upside down flower, it is beautiful.

The Interior

You could clearly tell from the outside that the inside was going to look amazing and trust me it didn’t disappoint at all. It was so light and beautiful inside. The table were surrounding the outside with a couple in the middle with a big bar across the centre and along the back. We were so impressed with how this building looked inside and out.

The Drinks

They had so many options to choose from on the menu so once we looked it over we decided to get a couple different drinks.

I ordered a Pour Over made with Elias Roa – Finca Tamana for $5. It was absolutely amazing, they even filled the craft with hot water while they were making the drink. We witnessed the employee (Alex) making the drink take a sip from a separate cup to make sure it was optimal for serving. It was a very delicious Colombian. 

My wife ordered a Chai Latte for $4.50 and she said that it was definitely on her top list for sure. She said it was so smooth and had really great flavour, she just wished it had a little more spice.

My daughter ordered a Hot Chocolate for $4.50 and she said that it was made with real chocolate which made it really creamy and delicious.

The Food

While we were there we had seen some food leave the kitchen and we had to get some breakfast, so we decided to order.

My daughter and myself ordered the Bacon Sandwich for $10.25 and it was excellent. It had great flavour combinations with the home-made ketchup, maple flavoured bacon and the two kinds of onions really made this sandwich delicious. I also ordered a side of potatoes and they had lemon zest on them which made them refreshing and delicious for sure.

My wife ordered the French Toast for $11 and she said it was amazing. She had singing tastebuds. The home-made ricotta and the toppers really made this french toast out of this world for sure.

My daughter also grabbed a Blood Orange Cruffin for $6 and it was absolutely delicious. It had such a great orange flavour. She wishes she would have bought more.

The Service

Everyone here was amazing and so friendly. Everything we asked they were able to answer and recommend menu and drink options for us. It was great to see it was busy and the staff were still smiling and happy.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday and Sunday – 9:00am to 5:00pm


There is street parking along both sides of Great Northern Way and a little further down by Centre for Digital Media there is a paid parking lot.

Last Words

We can definitely see ourselves heading back every time that we are in Vancouver to this amazing cafe. They have since updated their menu and we would love to head back and try some of their other amazing menu items.

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