We decided to take a trip out to Richmond to visit a roaster and we came across this cute little location called Fresh Press. They are located in a mall walk through area. If you didn’t know that this cafe was there you would never even know to look.

The Interior

It is a very small location, only 200-300 sq ft, in other words if you wanted to change your mind you would have to walk outside to turn around. They had a very big counter that takes up the majority of the cafe. They had a great menu with a bunch of different menu items. They have a little display cabinet with treats and a small shelf with Monogram and House of Funk coffee for sale. 

The Drinks

After looking over their menu and asking a couple different questions about a couple of the drinks we decided on a couple.

I ordered a Latte made with Monogram Lille Espresso, it was really good. It had really great flavour. I only made the comment that I drove 1000 km to get a coffee made with beans from a roaster in Calgary. It was kinda funny.

My wife and daughter ordered a London Fog, and his was really interesting. They use powdered London fog and it is mixed with all milk to make a creamy and delicious London fog. It was a very interesting way to make one for sure.

The Service

The owners were very friendly and very personable. They were so nice and answered any questions that we had. My daughter asked to see what they use to make their London fog, so that we could keep an eye to maybe buy some ourselves. 

The Hours

These are their COVID-19 Hours

Monday to Saturday – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday – 9:00am to 4:45pm


Since they are located in a mall type area, there is a bunch of parking in the lot by the business. 

Last Words

We would probably visit again if we are ever in Richmond again since they made such delicious London Fogs. 

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