This was a pub that my wife found when we were looking for a place to eat. The reviews sounded really great so we were excited to get to try this location. When we arrived it took 20 minutes to get a table, even then we sat at a side table before we could go and get an actual table. 

The Interior

When you walk in there is a bar along the right side with seats and then a couple tables, if you turn to the left there is a ton of tables for seating. It was really busy the night we went. We originally were sitting at the end near the bar and we were neglected for 20 minutes and then we moved to an actual table and we were helped within 5 minutes.

The Food

They had quiet an extensive menu so it was really hard to decide what we should order to eat. Once we decided we waited another five minutes before being helped.

I ordered the Halibut and Chips for $26 and it was delicious. The fish was cooked perfectly and the fries tasted fresh which was great.

My wife ordered the Barley Station Nachos for $21 which were loaded with a bunch of toppings. They also gave a ton of condiments with the nachos. There was a ton on the plate for sure.

My daughter ordered the Halibut Burger for $18 which she said was really good. She wished there was more pickled onions and more lime aioli on the burger though. Overall she said it was really good.

We also decided to try one of their signature drinks called a Haskap Soda for $5 and the Haskap Lemonade for $5. Unfortunately we just tasted soda and the lemonade there was really no Haskap flavouring that we could taste.

The Service

Like I said before it was really bad that they seated us and then we waited 20 minutes before someone came and took our drink order from us. Then after that we headed to a table and was seen in five minutes but still took a very long time overall at this pub. I know that they were busy but it still shouldn’t have taken that much time. We also noticed that a bunch of the food orders were bing 

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 5:30pm

Saturday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday – Closed


There is a small lot in front of the pub but when we went it was really full. We ended up having to park street beside the bar because of how busy it was. 

Last Words

We would head back there to see if they have improved on their customer service. The food was good so that is why we would head back there. If you are ever in Salmon Arm, I would head over here and try their food for sure.

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