Since my son was busy today we decided to drive out to Squamish to check out the coffee scene. Our first stop in Squamish was at The Ledge, a cafe located downtown on Cleveland. It had a great vibe and it seemed like they were very busy, they had a steady stream of customers which was great to see. 

The Interior

We only went in to order our drinks, they have the cafe located in the front and in the back there is a performance space. We sat on the front patio so we could people watch and see where else we should check out. Everyone there said hello and it was a super friendly place. 

The Drinks

After looking over their menu and asking a couple different questions about a couple of the drinks we decided on a couple.

Both my daughter and I ordered the Latte for $4 and $4.50, they were really good, a little sweet, but really good. They use Bow & Arrows coffee for their caffeinated drinks.

My wife ordered the London Fog for $4, my wife said it was really good. They use tea from Luca’s Tea across the street. So we had to head over there after this.

The Service

The staff were friendly and it was really great sitting on the patio watching everyone walking by.

The Hours

Tuesday to Saturday – 7:30am to 5:00pm


There was parking all along the street, if there wasn’t parking there, you could park a block back. Their main street was not crazy big either. 

Last Words

We would definitely stop here again when we come to Squamish. Plus we headed over to get tea after our visit and bought a bunch so we will have to head back to get more in the future.

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